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Breaking Waves Counseling is now offering coaching in partnership with Fun Unique Empowered Living

About AnDria Giles:

Hey, I’m AnDria Giles with Fun Unique Empowered Living! And I am your new favorite human. No, really! For over 16 years as a Corporate Analyst I have mastered the art of taking complex issues and breaking them into consumable and actionable pieces. And although the time spent analyzing tiny little numbers on a screen could be enough to drive anyone bananas, the biggest part of my career was understanding people. Understanding how they think, helping them to discover clarity in their concerns and decisions, and then providing empowering feedback and solutions. This approach not only solved the immediate concern but also afforded them a jump start on the next issue. Then one day it hit me that I wanted to use my super powers for a DIFFERENT kind of good. Despite my initial career choice, I have a huge passion for living life fully! I’ve been the “go-to” person my entire life helping others navigate situations by mastering how to think better in order to live better.
Fast forward… I now help individuals like you to break down complex issues and mental blocks weighing them down and build successful mindsets to live life lighter and more enjoyable. I work with fun and ambitious students of life who desire to not just show up, but THRIVE in all facets of their lives. For instance, you’ve read the books, know the scriptures, and maybe even dabbled in therapy. But when it comes to applying all that knowledge and guidance into day-to-day living… The struggle is real! Basically, you know better but struggle with HOW to do better on a consistent basis. I’ll help you discover practical ways to transform the theories and knowledge you’ve acquired into real life mindsets and solutions so that YOU CAN THRIVE!
If you’re ready to fully tap into your awesomeness and live a more productive, vibrant, and joy filled life, click here to schedule a complimentary coaching session

Breaking Waves Counseling is now offering coaching

Breaking Waves Counseling is Now offering Mental Health Coaching

Using a strengths based, client-centered approach, Vernice is offering coaching packages. Mental Health coaching is to provide to those not seeking traditional mental health psychotherapy help in developing skills to overcome life transitions/obstacles, set and accomplish specific goals, and change patterns of behavior and thinking. Coaching is available to ages 16+ older.
Some examples would be: college planning, job transitions, wanting to start a business, becoming disciplined to set health goals etc.
Please use the contact page to learn more about the available packages and get started today!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

~Lao Tzu